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CANGAF Accountants are the leading accounting service company that offers the most convenient, compatible, and complete online accounting services for businesses across the UK. Our accounting and bookkeeping services are designed to elevate growth while keeping your funds in check, organised and manageable.
business advisory, tax, accounting services, VAT, self-assessment, bookkeeping
business advisory, tax, accounting services, VAT, self-assessment, bookkeeping

What you can expect from us

  • Good communication
  • Quality work every time
  • Completing Work within the deadline
  • Simplicity when delivering reports
  • An efficient process that save you time
  • A tailored service

CANGAF Accountants offer a complete accounting service package to small businesses and individuals within a broad range starting from accounting software implementation to business advisory, tax, accounting services, VAT, self-assessment, and bookkeeping services.

What are the types of Accounting Services?

CANGAF Accountants understand the importance of accountancy and its impact on the future of any businessman in an extremely competitive business market in the UK. Therefore, we have divided our smart accounting solutions into five primary service categories to cater to every aspect of a business's accountancy process.

Accounting Software Service

Our industry-specific Accounting Software services will help you find the most optimal digital accounting solutions that are simple, easy, time-saving, compatible, and practical. These will be designed in line with your business needs to speed up the business process.

Statutory Annual Accounts 

CANGAF Accountants provide comprehensive and timelyreporting on the financial activities of a business by utilising the annualaccounts and reports, these cover accounts preparation to accounts submissionand reporting to HMRC and Companies House. 

Bookkeeping Service

Our Bookkeeping services ensure accurate effective bookkeeping to help a business utilise the full benefits of effective tax planning and cost savings by laying a strong foundation. This enables sustainable financial management and helps integrate other services within your existing or growing business processes.

Contractors Service

Our accountancy services help contractors stay fully compliant to avoid complex issues and costly penalties while staying on the right track following HMRC’s set rules and laws. We are well aware of criticalIR35 scenarios and help you plan for those to avoid any possible crisis.

Company Secretarial Service

CANGAF Accountants create a systematic flow to take care of your company secretarial responsibilities while providing flexible services that keep Companies House well informed of your company registers and any critical changes being made in the business.


 Balancing the books for you

From paying your staff to getting you ready for your end ofyear tax requirements, the professional bookkeeping team at CANGAF in Boltoncan take care of all your business accounting needs. We can deal with yourbanking, invoicing, VAT returns and more. We'll be as hands on as you want usto and help you concentrate on the smooth running and growth of your businessrather than fretting over paperwork.


Full accounting and bookkeeping services including:

  • PAYE/ Payroll
  • Corporation tax
  • Tax preparation
  • VAT returns
  • Research & development tax credits

What we need from you

Most of these are the same values you expect from us, we expect you to match them
  • Equally good communication
  • Work within the deadline
  • Mutual respect during meetings
  • Professionalism when writing emails and talking
  • You understand our way of working
Let CANGAF Accountancy take care of all your bookkeeping needs so you can concentrate on plumbing, building, designing, baking or whatever it is that your business does best! We'll take the bookkeeping nightmare on for you.

Our process

For the most efficient and quality service delivery, it's essential that we have a clear process
Step 1
Contact Us
If your are looking for a quote/price, we'll be happy to give you a straightforward price once we know exactly how we can help you.

We're happy to receive complex enquiries or provide services with a quick turnaround
We understand that each business is different and even after working with hundreds of clients we know that your business should take an alternative route.
Step 2
We'll present the best options for you
Step 3
Get started with us
Getting started with us is a simple process. We like to speak with all clients over the phone or a Zoom meeting during an on-boarding call to set our expectations from you, detail the work we'll be carrying out and be crystal clear on how we'll grow your business
You can rely on us to deliver a perfect job for you whether its for a one-off job, month-on-month commitment or annual process. We aim to build trust and long term relationships with all individuals or businesses we provide our services to.
Step 4
Relax, we've got this!
We're here to help
At Cangaf, we're a reliable & professional firm that makes each client a priority. If you are tired of low quality work from other firms and want to start seeing freedom from your finances, get in touch today!
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