Corporation Tax

Let's face it, corporation tax can be incredibly complex. Anyone who has attempted their own tax returns and bookkeeping will be aware of that. At CANGAF we're here to help take some of that headache away from you. Our accounting team has over a decade of experience in assisting businesses in dealing with all the requirements of corporate taxation.
Bookkeeping, VAT returns, Payroll, Tax preparation, R&D tax credit
Bookkeeping, VAT returns, Payroll, Tax preparation, R&D tax credit

What you can expect from us

  • Good communication
  • Quality work every time
  • Completing Work within the deadline
  • Simplicity when delivering reports
  • An efficient process that save you time
  • A tailored service

Self-employed and SME 

Whatever size your business is, whether you're a self-employed with a small team or with multiple staff, your tax still needs to be paid. The accounting team at CANGAF are here to handle all elements of your accounts. We'll see you first for a free initial consultation and from there advise on your needs and how we can help.


Elements of Corporation Tax we can assist you with:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Research & development tax credits - are you eligible for this government scheme?
  • Tax preparation
  • Payroll
  • VAT returns

All of these are essential for the smooth running of your business and if you struggle with time or understanding what’s required of you then we can help.

What we need from you

Most of these are the same values you expect from us, we expect you to match them
  • Equally good communication
  • Work within the deadline
  • Mutual respect during meetings
  • Professionalism when writing emails and talking
  • You understand our way of working

Our process

For the most efficient and quality service delivery, it's essential that we have a clear process
Step 1
Contact Us
If your are looking for a quote/price, we'll be happy to give you a straightforward price once we know exactly how we can help you.

We're happy to receive complex enquiries or provide services with a quick turnaround
We understand that each business is different and even after working with hundreds of clients we know that your business should take an alternative route.
Step 2
We'll present the best options for you
Step 3
Get started with us
Getting started with us is a simple process. We like to speak with all clients over the phone or a Zoom meeting during an on-boarding call to set our expectations from you, detail the work we'll be carrying out and be crystal clear on how we'll grow your business
You can rely on us to deliver a perfect job for you whether its for a one-off job, month-on-month commitment or annual process. We aim to build trust and long term relationships with all individuals or businesses we provide our services to.
Step 4
Relax, we've got this!
We're here to help
At Cangaf, we're a reliable & professional firm that makes each client a priority. If you are tired of low quality work from other firms and want to start seeing freedom from your finances, get in touch today!
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